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Growing your wealth,
protecting your assets

The Spectrum Group have been providing independent advice on financial planning, risk management and asset protection products since 1976.

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Our Motto

Our motto "value through knowledge" means that we place the highest value on being well informed in all areas of financial planning so that we are truly able to add value to the business and personal lives of our clients and their families.

Growing Your Wealth

Without truly independent professional advice, you cannot be sure if your investment fees are as low as possible, your investment risk is appropriate or that you are growing your capital to the maximum to suit your current and future needs.

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Protecting Your Personal Assets

Insuring your personal assets correctly against the risk of loss or damage in a cost effective way requires an ongoing relationship with an experienced team who are fully aware of your current and future personal circumstances.

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Protecting your Business

If you do not deal with a competent independent broker who fully understands the nature and detail of your business, you may not even be aware of some of the risks facing your long term financial survival and how to insure them in the most cost effective way.

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One of our strongest points is our staff stability

Our average length of service at Spectrum, amongst 30 people is 10 years.

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